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  • Shareware, Trialware and Demo: Try before you buy software. Typically includes a 30 day trial period, so there's no money up front and no risk.
  • Freeware: Software that is completely free to use, however in most cases, the software is unsupported by the developer/publisher.
  • Beta: Software that is in its initial testing stages, giving access to all the newest features and allowing you to help shape the final product. It is typically free to use during the test period, but can have bugs and may be unsupported.

Newest Reviews

FinalData Enterprise (Kunal Kumar)

It's just awesome and it is really very helpful.
Published: Sep 15, 2014

Wifi Protector (Jiwa)

It protects my wifi network perfectly.
Published: Sep 15, 2014

Baraha (Venkata Rama Eddy)

I like this software, it's working good.
Published: Sep 14, 2014

TitleDeko Pro (Aba)

This software is very useful in title editing.
Published: Sep 14, 2014

Air My PC (James)

Amazing - this tool truly lets you to airplay Mirror Windows to AppleTV.
Published: Sep 14, 2014

TISFAT (Robert)

This seems cool, it looks like a cool animation tool for stick figures.
Published: Sep 13, 2014

WiFi-Manager (Shahid Mahmood)

It's very easy and useful software I am really grateful to it.
Published: Sep 13, 2014

BusyWin (Vijender Yadav)

Nice software for business use.
Published: Sep 13, 2014

CheatBook DataBase 2014 (Prijesh)

Very good, this is the best I have ever seen, cheatbook database rocks.
Published: Sep 13, 2014

Doc-O-Matic (Abhishek Roy)

I have tried and tried this, I have a new Kinect sensor and it keeps saying no face detected. I have tried everything and can not get it to recognize my face.
Published: Sep 12, 2014

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Hinkhoj Dictionary

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Buy mp3 player

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Newest Software

BCGSuite for MFC  v.23.1

MFC extension library that allows you to create the most advanced user interface in the world. It combines easy of use and very powerful feature set implemented by highly customizable collection of MFC extension classes.

Alpha Clipboard Recorder  v.4.21

Free Clipboard Record. Alpha Clipboard is a lightweight, handy and convenient solution to expand your Windows clipboard from one to twenty five items.

BCGControlBar Professional Edition  v.23.1

MFC extension library for creation the most advanced user interface in the world. It combines easy of use and very powerful feature set implemented by highly customizable collection of MFC extension classes.

Bopup Communication Server  v.4.3.7

Secure messaging suite designed to provide efficient communication over networks of any size. The server offers centralized management, Active Directory (LDAP), message and file transfer logging. Organize and take control over private business IM.

HomeGuard Activity Monitor 64 bit  v.1.9.3

HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard will silently and automatically block all adult and inappropriate content online...

IconEdit2  v.6.8

Create and edit icon files with easy-to-use TrueColor Icon Editor. Full support for semi-transparency and multi-image icon files. Easily manage color depths and sizes - up to 256x256 pixels. Import/Export GIF, TIFF, BMP, JPEG or PNG image files.

CR Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows  v.2.6.41436

Aimersoft DVD Creator helps you convert all popular video formats (AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, DAT, MOV, FLV, etc) to DVD. You can combine your video files into video slideshows with beautiful transition effects and a customizable m

Free Photo Blemish Remover  v.2.0.3

The Blemish Remover quickly removes blemishes and other imperfections in your photos. It's usually used to fix point-like stains, blemishes and acnes on skin/face.

Interface Architect  v.1.0

Interface Architect is a Windows application which provides a rich and modern UI to allow for easy definitions of system interface details and mappings. Its target users include include analysts, developers, testers and other stakeholders.

Passwords Generator  v.2.99

Simplest way to get random and difficult to break passwords is to use Passwords Generator. This program is incredibly simple in use, but the same time it allows all necessary functions. Now you can create countless set of passwords with one click.

Kids PC Time Administrator  v.

It allows you to set limits on how much time your child spends on the computer or online. You can share the same computer among your children by setting an individual time table for each child.

Advanced ETL Processor  v.

Advanced ETL Processor extracts data from any database, transforms, validates it and loads into another database completely automatically. At any time, you can press the "Preview" button and see what the results of an ETL flow would look like.

Windows 7 Manager  v.4.4.9

An all-in-one utility to tweak, optimize, tune and clean up your Windows 7, it includes over thirty different utilities! Get access to hundreds of hidden options, clean registry and junk files, tune up Windows 7 boot menu and many other utilities.

Fone Rescue  v.4.0.0

Fone Rescue helps you recover lost data easily from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is capable of recovering up to 15 different file types containing information like SMS, contacts, photos, videos, notes, and social media.

3DBox CAD  v.3.0

3DBox CAD is ideal for folding carton box design. 3 parts - 2D drawing, folding defining, 3D proofing. A 2D structure of a box, with artwork on or not, can be changed to 3D view in minutes, so you can improve design efficiency, reduce physical proof.

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